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About the project – University of Copenhagen



BIBAFOODS focuses on educating young researchers who can develop novel functional foods by use of colloidal delivery systems.

The researchers employed in BIBAFOODS will develop materials and coatings responsive to external chemical conditions, which are therefore suitable for controlled releases targeted at a desired stage during food processing or at a specific point during digestion of the food, e.g. in the intestinal tract.

More specifically, BIBAFOODS will concentrate on probiotic bacteria and enzymes that are liberated and allowed to be active in a controllable way.


The figure above shows a schematic representation of two different approaches to microencapsulate enzymes or microorganisms. Microorganisms could be self-organized and subsequently coated with a responsive layer (left) or enzymes/microorganisms could be embedded in a matrix further coated with a responsive layer (right).

The success of developed materials will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Stability
  • Timing of liberation of the active component

BIBAFOODS comprise the following work packages (WPs):