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Conferences and outreach

Conference contributions - oral presentations

I.-A. Pavel, N. Canilho, A. Pasc: “Bioactive carriers: functional foods for lactose intolerance”. 6th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress, Séville, Spain, September 2016.

I.- A. Pavel , N. Canilho, S. F. Prazeres, C. García-Ruíz, G. Montalvo, A. Pasc: “Meso-macroporous materials: ideal supports for enzyme entrapment for food applications”. Balard Conferences 2016, Montpellier, France, April 2016.

I.-A. Pavel, N. Canilho, A. Pasc: “Food grade nanostructure solid lipid carriers from W/O/W emulsion for enzyme delivery”. Congress of Physical Chemistry 2016, Nancy, France, October 2016.

I.-A. Pavel, N. Canilho, A. Pasc: ”Solid lipid nanoparticles and templated silica materials for the encapsulation of β-galactosidase”. Journée de rentrée 2016-2017, Metz, France, November 2016.

Y. Beldengrün: talk and roundtable discussion at MSCA ESOF satellite event “Researcher and Society”, Manchester, United Kingdom, 28-29 July 2016.

Y. Beldengrün, J. Aragón-Artigas, J. E. Moret: “Formation of responsive enzyme-loaded gelatin microgels using water-in-water emulsions”. 30th European Colloid and Interface Society (ECIS), Rome, Italy, 4-9 September 2016. https://ecis2016.org/sites/default/files/abstracts/Abstract_ECIS_Yoran_Beldengrun.pdf

Y. Beldengrün: “Cross-Linked microgels, produced by water-in-water-emulsions, as delivery system for enzymes”. III Meeting of Young Researchers on Colloids and Interfaces (JICI III), Madrid, Spain, 13-14 October 2016.

M. V. Badell: talk on non-lamellar lipid liquid crystalline phases and enzyme inclusion at Neutrons Food Conference in Lund, Sweden, 31 May-2 June, 2016.

M. V. Badell, M. Wiśniewska, M. Ram-On, E. Kesselman, D. Danino, T. Nylander, J. Barauskas: “Lipid sponge phases and nanoparticle dispersions able to entrap large biomolecules”. Conference of the European Colloid and Interfaces Society in Rome, Italy, 4-9 September 2016. https://ecis2016.org/sites/default/files/abstracts/Oral_O_160.pdf

T. Nylander (invited talk): “The non-lamellar lipid aqueous interface and biomolecular interactions“. Animal, Vegetal, Mineral? Emergence and function of complex nanostructures in biological tissue and synthetic self-assembly, Yallingup, South Australia, 19-23 September 2016.

F. Sebastiani (not presenter): ”Oligomeric alkylglycoside surfactants – new power-tools in the formulation toolbox”. Formula VIII, Barcelona, Spain, 4-7 July 2016.

F. Sebastiani: “SANS study of the self-aggregation of alkylglycoside surfactants with oligomeric head-groups”. Neutrons and Food 2016, Lund, Sweden, 31 May-2 June 2016.

F. Sebastiani: “SANS study of alkylglycoside surfactants with oligomeric head-group: understanding of self-aggregation”. XXVII Congresso Annuale SISN - Italian Neutron Scattering Conference, Ancona & Senigallia, Italy, 29 June-1 July 2016.

F. Sebastiani: "SANS study of the self-aggregation of alkylglycoside surfactants with oligomeric head-groups". Synchrotron and Neutron Scattering in Biomaterial and Soft Matter, Malmö, Sweden, 26-28 October 2016.

F. B. Haffner. International Scientific Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics – IPC2016, Budapest, Hungary, 21-23 June 2016.

F. B. Haffner. Formula VIII, Barcelona, Spain, 4-7 July 2016.

F. Haffner, R. Diab, M. Girardon, S. Fontanay, R. Duval, A. Pasc: “Encapsulation of L. rhamnosus GG (LGG) in Alginate-Silicate hybrid beads”. EuCheMS, Seville, Spain, 11-15 September 2016. http://euchems.posterip.com//posters/presentation/305

P. Singh. International Scientific Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics – IPC2016, Budapest, Hungary, 21-23 June 2016.

C. Yucel, J. Sotres, A. Rascon, J. Risbo, M. Cardenas: “Targeted delivery system based on chitosan and sulfated ß-glucan for the colon”. American Chemical Society 251st Meeting, San Diego, USA, 15 March 2016.

S. Prazeres: “Characterization of β-galactosidase – silica support interactions by vibrational spectroscopy”. III Escuela de Química, University of Alcala, 22-24 June 2016.

S. F. Prazeres, F. Ortega, I.A. Pavel, A. Pasc, N. Canilho, C. García-Ruiz, G. Montalvo: “Vibrational spectroscopy applied to the study of β-D-galactosidase silica support interactions”. Conference XXV Spectroscopy Meeting, IX Iberian Spectroscopy Conference, O-31, Alicante, Spain, 20-24 July 2016. Reference: Book of Abstract XXV RNE – IX CIE, p. 59.

S.F. Prazeres, F. Guillén Carretero, C. García-Ruiz, G. Montalvo: “Stability of immobilized β-galactosidase on meso - macroporous silica support”. Conference FORMULA VIII, Barcelona, Spain, 4-7 July, 2016.

T. Cieplak at Targeting Microbiota Conference, Paris, France, October 2016.

R. E. Hage at 18th Gut Day Symposium, Venlo, The Netherlands, 24 November 2016.

Conference contributions - poster presentations

I.-A. Pavel, N. Canilho, S.F. Prazeres, C. García-Ruiz, G. Montalvo, A. Pasc: ”Towards functional foods through engineering of β-galactosidase carriers“. Formula VIII, Barcelona, Spain, 4-7 July 2016.

M. Anisorac, M. Girardon, F.B. Haffner, I.-A. Pavel, F. Haffner, R. Diab, N. Canilho, A. Pasc: “Alginate/silica particles: a solution for oral delivery”. 14ème Journée Scientifique du GFP section Grand-Est, Nancy, France, June 2016.

I.-A. Pavel, N. Canilho, A. Pasc: “Aliments intelligents du futur”. Doctoriales de Lorraine - DocLor 2016, Vosges, France, April 2016.

Y. Beldengrün: “Cross-Linked Microgels, produced by water-in-water-emulsions, as delivery system for enzymes”. Formula VIII Congress, Barcelona, Spain, 4-7 July 2016.

F. Sebastiani: “Alkylglycoside surfactants with oligomeric head-groups: investigation of self-aggregation and its implications for future applications”. ECIS 2016 – 30th Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society, Rome, Italy, 4-9 September 2016.

P. Singh. Formula VIII, Barcelona, Spain, 4-7 July 2016.

C.Y. Falco: “Hierarchical self-assemble of bacteria using pickering effect and layer by layer technique”. Formula VIII, Barcelona, Spain, 4-7 July 2016.

T. Cieplak at NovoNordisk symposium on Gut Microbiota and Metabolic Health, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2016.

R. E. Hage, T. Van De Wiele, E. Hernandez-Sanabria, M. Marzorati: “Potency of a propionate-producing microbial consortium for restoring gut microbial functionality in gut dysbiosis”. 4th World Congress on Targeting Microbiota, Paris, France 2016. ISM Volume 3, Year 2016.

Gottardi D., Marzorati M. Laukens D., Van de Wiele T., Possemiers S.: “Use of microbial consortia as a strategy to recover from gut dysbiosis”. Probiotica, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2 February 2016.

Outreach activities

Y. Beldengrün: Semifinal Famelab Spain, Humor and Science Competition: Use of Nanomedicine for treatment of Cancer. Barcelona, Spain, March 2016. Organisers: FECYT and British Council. Public: 700 persons in the theatre (very varied public). Over 1500 viewers over YouTube  (https://youtu.be/3cBcvYeXCm0).

Y. Beldengrün, I.-A. Pavel: Science and Clown Class in Primary School, Explaining Chemistry behind three states of matter to primary school pupils. Explaining all of it as clown. Nancy, May 2016. Public: 30 pupils, around 7 years old).

Y. Beldengrün, I.-A. Pavel, P. Singh, C. Y. Falco, S. Prazeres, F. B. Haffner: Food Science in a Real-Life Lab! CSIC, Barcelona, July 2016. Topics covered were: Molecular Gastronomy: Alginate Beads, Fortified Food: Iron in Cereals and Medical Principles in the Kitchen: Emulsions. Organisers: Yoran initiated collaboration with Barcelona Fun Science (http://www.barcelonafunscience.com). 17 adults with various, non-scientific backgrounds (https://www.meetup.com/es-ES/Barcelona-Fun-Science-Meetup/events/231362111/?eventId=231362111&chapter_analytics_code=UA-80568069-1).

Y. Beldengrün: 2 Science Shows with puppet from Famelab at ESOF 2016 (Euroscience Open Forum) conference, Manchester, July 2016. Organisers: Falling Walls and EU Commission. Public: 100 persons (various people from scientific community) and 200 persons (researchers from all EU).

Y. Beldengrün: Science Week – Class about surfactants to high school students. Barcelona, November 2016. Organisers: Science Week promoted by Fundación de Ciencia y Recerca de Catalonia. Activities in IQAC-CSIC organised by researchers. Public: 70 high school students (13-16 years old).

F. B. Haffner: blog http://esperluettenancy.wixsite.com/esperluette.

P. Singh: The Coimbra Chemistry Centre day, 18 October 2016 (poster presentation).

P. Singh: Investigators night, 30 September 2016, http://noitedosinvestigadores.org/2016/10/

S. F. Prazeres: Meet the fellows 2016 (Marie Curie Actions), 22 March, 2016, Madrid, Spain.

S. F. Prazeres: Participation in “Chemistry in action”, January 2017. https://portal.uah.es/portal/page/portal/servicio_comunicacion/sala_prensa/notas_prensa/2017/01/45E50C6D077F9DBEE0532498A8C0A3F6

S. F. Prazeres: Teaching assistant in “Summer courses in the University of Alcalá” organized by INQUIFOR, 5-7 September, 2016. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B21V_b5Nb_6DZnMxX1c5R1dDYjQ/view

S. F. Prazeres: Participation in “Researcher’s Night”, Una noche explosive, 30th September 2016. Over 500 participants in audience. http://www.madrimasd.org/lanochedelosinvestigadores2016/actividad/una-noche-explosiva; https://www3.uah.es/diariodigital/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=10233&Itemid=1; https://es-es.facebook.com/inquifor/

T. Cieplak: administration of BIBAFOODS Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/BIBAFOODS

T. Cieplak: supervision of high school student with her project for science class.

R. E. Hage: Leadership workshop held at Gent University.

R. E. Hage and D. Gottardi: Presentation in a School in Gent for Students. The school is called Sint-Lievenscollege. We attended a biology class with Ms. Myriam Naessens (Biology teacher) and gave twice our presentation for two different groups. One group consisted of 21 students, the other of 17 students. The students were 17 year old 6th-graders. Our presentation included the following points: (1) Our presentation (Racha and Davide), (2) Bibafoods (goal of the project and the exchange of people), (3) Gastrointestinal tract + SHIME (in vivo vs in vitro), (4) Probiotics (who and what they are, what they can do….).