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Management of BIBAFOODS – University of Copenhagen

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The Coordinator of BIBAFOODS is University of Copenhagen, and the scientist-in-charge is Jens Risbo, Department of Food Science. Marité Cardenas, Malmö University, organise the networkwide training events.

The Supervisory Board is in charge of the BIBAFOODS project management and consists of members from each of the participating organisations. The board has the following tasks:

  • Budget re-distributions
  • Coordination of network-wide training
  • Dissemination and outreach activities
  • Quality control of ESR/ER supervision

The Steering Committee coordinates scientific activities across the project, it monitors the hiring process, the individual career development plans (ICDP), the semi-annual reports on training, and, not least, the well-being of ESRs and ERs.

WP-Leaders are responsible for management and progress of training activities in their respective work packages. They also collect the material for reports required by the European Commission, and submit it to the Coordinator.

fellow well-fare officer or "ombudsmand" has been appointed with the task to listen to viewpoints of ESRs/ERs with the purpose of solving special problems directly, or with the assistance of the Steering Committee. The well-fare officer will keep information from individual fellows confidential if required by the fellow.

Administrative matters regarding legal, financial and contractual issues are handled by the EU Office at the University of Copenhagen (contact person: Line Rose Lenskjold). Organisation of network meetings and training events along with website maintenance and coordination of reporting is carried out by Henriette Hansen, Department of Food Science.