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Positions in BIBAFOODS

During 2014 and 2015 BIBAFOODS hired 11 early stage (PhD students) and 3 experienced researchers (Post Docs).   

Individual positions

ESR 1: Ileana Alexandra Pavel. Project title: Silica based materials for encapsulation of enzymes. University of Lorraine, France. Supervisors: Andreea Pasc, Nadia Canilho, Jordi Esquena (CSIC). Duration: 36 months.  Start: 11 September 2014.

ESR 2: Yoran Beldengrün. Project title: Cross-linked hydrogels as delivery systems for enzymes. CSIC, Spain. Main supervisor: Jordi Esquena. Duration: 36 months. Start: 16 October 2014. 

ESR 3: Maria Valldeperas Badell. Project title: Lipid based nanostructures for entrapment of enzymes. University of Lund, Sweden. Main supervisor: Tommy Nylander. Duration: 36 months. Start: 1 September 2014.

ESR 4: Federico Amadei. Project title: Fabrication and characterization of polymer-based capsules for probiotics. University of Heidelberg, Germany. Supervisors: Motomu Tanaka, Stefan Kaufmann. Duration: 36 months. Start: 1 February 2015.

ESR 5: Fernanda Bianca Haffner. Project title: Encapsulation of probiotics within polymer beads-templated hierarchical silica. University of Lorraine, France. Supervisors: Andreea Pasc, Roudayna Diab, Maria Graca Miguel (University of Coimbra). Duration: 36 months. Start: 1 July 2014.

ESR 6: Poonam Singh. Project title: Cellulose based Hydrogels for probiotic encapsulation. University of Coimbra, Portugal. Duration: 36 months. Supervisors: Björn Lindman, Bruno Medronho (University of Algarve), Jordi Esquena (CSIC). Start: 26 January 2015.

ESR 7: Cigdem Yücel Falco. Project title: Coatings for individual and self-assembled probiotics. University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Supervisors: Jens Risbo, Marité Cardenas (Malmö University). Duration: 36 months. Start: 1 October 2014.

ESR 8: Sofia Prazéres and Diogo Quintela. Project title: Characterization of materials and their enzyme interactions by Raman Spectroscopy. Alcalá University, Spain. Supervisors: Gemma Montalvo Garcia, Carmen Garcia, Andreea Pasc (University of Lorraine). Duration: 29.5 months (Sofia) and 6.5 months (Diogo). Start: 2 October 2014. 

ESR 9: Tomasz Cieplak. Project title: Application of advanced GIT methodology for product validation and assessment of product stability. University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Supervisors: Dennis S. Nielsen, Franciskus W. J. van der Berg, Tom van de Wiele (University of Ghent) Duration: 36 months. Start: 15 August 2014.

ESR 10: Racha el Hage. Project title: Establishment of a stable multi-species probiotic consortium through hydrogel encapsulation techniques. University of Ghent, Belgium. Main supervisor: Tom van de Wiele. Duration: 36 months. Start: 1 October 2014.

ESR 11: Maryam Eshrati. Project title: Material stability during gastrointestinal transit and at the gut mucosa. University of Heidelberg, Germany. Supervisors: Stefan Kaufmann, Motomu Tanaka. Duration: 36 months. Start: 1 November 2014.

ER1: Federica Sebastiani. Project title: Controlled release vehicles based on functionalized alkylglykosides. CR Competence AB, Sweden. Supervisor: Stefan Ulvenlund. Duration: 24 months. Start: 5 January 2015.

ER2: Surender Kumar Dhayal. Project title: Coating for microcapsules in cheese ripening. Chr Hansen A/S, Denmark. Supervisor: Hans van den Brink. Duration: 24 months. Start: 1 September 2015.

ER3: Davide Gottardi. Project title: Enzyme and probiotic stability and functionality assessment at the gut mucosa. ProDigest AB, Belgium. Supervisor: Sam Possemiers. Duration: 24 months. Start: 15 September 2014.